Tree Planting in Test Valley

In 2021, the council set out to plant 30,000 trees over three years in a bid to help tackle climate change and improve the environment. With the help of partners and volunteers, over the 2021/22 and 2022/23 planting seasons, so far we have managed to plant a total of over 22,800 trees across the borough.

This includes trees at Anton Lakes, Harewood Common and East Anton in Andover; Bury Hill in Upper Clatford; Hunts Farm in Timsbury; Valley Park Woodlands; and Ganger Farm in Romsey. Through the Hampshire Dormice Project, trees were also planted at Finkley Down Farm.

The planting consisted of young trees or ‘whips’ and standard trees in a range of species, from hazel, hawthorn, blackthorn and field maple to beech, alder, oak and lime.

While ash dieback, a disease that has almost decimated the UK’s ash species, has proved a major challenge for councils up and down the country, we have committed to replacing every tree felled, as well as planting additional trees. 

We have also been reducing the number of scheduled grass cuts in particular areas to encourage wildflowers to grow as part of the creation of urban meadows.