Wheelabrator Waste to Energy Facility, Harewood

Public Consultation Documents

Public consultation runs from 1 November 2019 to 12 December 2019.

Hard copies of the following documents are available at:
Test Valley Borough Council,
Beech Hurst, 
Weyhill Road, 
SP10 3AJ.  

All Comments in response to the consultation must be submitted by the following means:


Test Valley Borough Council’s response to Wheelabrator’s Public Consultation (pdf, 334kb)

Proposed options for design of Incinerator

Aerial view- Bands Zinc & Dark Clad White Solar Panels (jpg, 32mb)

Aerial View - Bands Green Clad White Solar Panels (jpg, 31.9mb)

S48 Notice – Section 48 of the Planning Act 2008, Notice of Proposed Application for a Development Consent Order For the Wheelabrator Harewood Project

Download (pdf, 98kb)


Figure 1-1 - Site Location Plan (pdf, 3.3mb)

Figure 1-2 - DCO Site Boundary (pdf, 299kb)

Figure 4.2 - Illustrative Site Layout (pdf, 499kb)

Figure 4.8 - Illustrative Site Layout (pdf, 870kb)

PEIR – Preliminary Environmental Information Report

PEIR Non-technical Summary

PEIR Non-technical summary (NTS) (pdf, 1.4mb)

Wheelabrator Harewood - PEIR Errata and Ammendments (pdf, 9.6mb)

PEIR - Volume 1

Chapter 1 – Main Report and Figures (pdf, 689kb) Chapter 1 Drawings (pdf, 3.4mb)
Chapter 2 – Assessment Methodology and Significance Criteria (pdf, 337kb) Chapter 2 Drawings (pdf, 4.4mb)
Chapter 3 – Description of the Site (pdf, 231kb) Chapter 3 Drawings (pdf, 6mb)
Chapter 4 – The Proposed Development (pdf, 156kb) Chapter 4 Drawings (pdf, 9mb)
Chapter 5 -The Need for the Proposed Development, Site Selection, Alternatives and Design Evolution (pdf, 264kb) Chapter 5 Drawings (pdf, 2mb)
Chapter 6 – Traffic and Transport (pdf, 676kb) Chapter 6 Drawings (pdf, 10.8mb)
Chapter 7 – Air Quality (pdf, 263kb) Chapter 7 Drawings (pdf, 6.4mb)
Chapter 8 - Health (pdf, 119kb)  
Chapter 9 – Noise and Vibration (pdf, 458kb) Chapter 9 Drawings (pdf, 3.1mb)
Chapter 10 – Biodiversity (pdf, 853kb) Chapter 10 Drawings (pdf, 9.1mb)
Chapter 11 – Water Resources and FloodRisk (pdf, 513kb) Chapter 11 Drawings (pdf, 5.1mb)
Chapter 12 – Ground Conditions (pdf, 614kb) Chapter 12 Drawings (pdf, 539kb)
Chapter 13 – Archaeology and Heritage (pdf, 691kb) Chapter 13 Drawings (pdf, 8.7mb)
Chapter 14 – Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (pdf, 1.9mb) Chapter 14 Drawings (pdf, 150mb)
Chapter 15 – Climate Change (pdf, 225kb)  
Chapter 16 – Socio-economic (pdf, 550kb) Chapter 16 Drawings (pdf, 5.7mb)
Chapter 17 – Other Issues (pdf, 1.1mb) Chapter 17 Drawings (pdf, 633kb)

PEIR - Volume 2

Volume II – Appendices (pdf, 562kb)

Appendix 2-1 – EIA Scoping Report (pdf, 16mb)

Appendix 2-2 – EIA Scoping Response (pdf, 15.4mb)

Appendix 4-1 – Outline ConstructionEnvironmental Management Plan (CEMP) (pdf, 698kb)

Appendix 7-1 – Air Quality (pdf, 1.3mb)

Appendix 10-1 – Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (pdf, 4.2mb)

Appendix 10-2 – Amphibian Report (pdf, 1.7mb)

Appendix 10-3 – Breeding Birds and Barn Owl (pdf, 1017kb)

Appendix 11-1: Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) (pdf, 6mb)

Appendix 11-2: Wheelabrator Harewood Waste To Energy Facility Drainage Strategy (pdf, 5.3mb)

Appendix 12-1: Geo-environmental and Geotechnical Ground Conditions Report (pdf, 42.4mb)

Appendix 13-1 – Heritage Desk-Based Assessment (pdf, 9.6mb)

Appendix 14-1 – Legislative and Planning Context (pdf, 309kb)

Appendix 14-2 – LVIA Methodology (pdf, 230kb)

Appendix 14-3 – LVIA Consultation (pdf, 13.1mb)

Appendix 14-4 – Published Character Assessment (pdf, 809kb)

Appendix 14-5 – Landscape Sensitivity (pdf, 282kb)

Appendix 14-6 – Sensitivity of Visual Receptors (pdf, 261kb)

Appendix 14-7 – Landscape Impact Assessment (pdf, 418kb)

Appendix 14-8 - Visual Impact Assessment (pdf, 469kb)

Appendix 15-1 – Climate Change Background Information (pdf, 301kb)

Appendix 17-1 – Major Accidents and Disasters (MAD) Long List (pdf, 297kb)

Appendix 17-2 – Cyrrus Aviation Report (pdf, 1.8mb)

Appendix 17-3 – Statutory Nuisance Statement (pdf, 407kb)