Leaf Clearance

We are responsible for keeping the streets and pavements free from leaves during autumn.

Throughout November and December we deploy teams dedicated to leaf clearance. The teams consist of a variety of mechanised and manual sweepers.

In previous years the collected leaves were composted locally however in August 2012 the Environment Agency stopped this process following some concern that leaves off the highway might contain contaminants.

Priority is given to the following:

  • streets and footpaths with many mature trees
  • areas with a high pedestrian use
  • land which is prone to flooding.

Where locations cannot be visited in a reasonable time by the dedicated teams, leaves will be removed within the normal street cleaning operations.

Please be patient if there has been a rapid fall of leaves during windy weather, as unfortunately it is not possible to sweep every street immediately.

You can report any fallen leaves here: My Test Valley or alternatively contact Customer Services on 01264 368000 or 01794 527700.


Leaf Fall on Private Property
Land owners are responsible for dealing with leaf fall on their private property. Please ensure you dispose of any leaves arising from your property responsibly. Your options include:

  • home composting
  • collection via the Council’s Garden Waste Collection Service
  • taking them to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre

Please note that intentionally blowing or sweeping leaves onto verges, footpaths or other public areas constitutes fly tipping, which is a criminal offence.