Information Tags on Bins

Our waste collection teams regularly check the brown recycling bins to make sure they are free from non-recyclable items, known as contaminants.

Contaminants can include general household waste, glass, plastic food packaging, plastic carrier bags, shredded paper, polystyrene, gift wrap, cartons and aluminium foil.

Red Tags
These tags are placed on recycling bins that are heavily contaminated. The tag explains why the bin has not been emptied. If you find a red tag on your recycling bin, please take out the item(s) indicated on the tag and leave the bin out again for the next collection in two weeks time.

The waste collection teams cannot empty a recycling bin that is heavily contaminated as it could lead to the whole load of valuable recyclables being rejected at the Transfer Station.

Yellow Tags
These tags are placed on recycling bins which have been emptied but did contain a small amount of non-recyclable materials. If you find a yellow tag on your brown bin please do not put these item(s) in your recycling bin in future.

The waste collection teams can empty a recycling bin that has a small amount of contamination as their presence will not cause a major problem when the load is taken to the Transfer Station.

Black Household Waste Bins
The waste collection teams can also tag black household waste bins.  They have a green tag which they use when they notice a black bin contains recyclable items that could be put in a brown recycling bin or be taken to a local recycling centre.  They also have a blue tag which they use when there is a problem with a black bin such as it is overfilled, heavy or contains garden waste etc.

Has your bin been tagged?
If you find a tag on your bin, you will also receive a postcard which will provide you with further details and advice about what should and shouldn’t be put in each of your bins. Please follow this advice carefully to make sure you get it right next time.