Household Waste - Your Duty of Care

Since 2005 householders have been required by law to check that anyone removing waste from their property is authorised to do so.

A waste carrier registration is normally needed for the following categories:

  • all building and allied trades
  • landscape gardeners, tree fellers and surgeons
  • house clearers
  • retail establishments
  • scrap metal dealers.

For those householders looking to use a private contractor to remove household, garden or construction waste, we recommend you carry out the following checks beforehand:

  • Check they are a genuine and reputable company or individual
  • Ensure they are a registered waste carrier and make a note of their waste carrier number. If they are not registered, refuse their service. If they claim to be registered but do not have any paperwork, telephone the Environment Agency on 03708 506506 and request an instant Waste Carrier Validation Check or check online
  • Check where they are proposing to take your waste
  • Record the registration number of any vehicle removing waste from your home
  • Pay by cheque as payments can be traced if the waste is fly tipped. If they insist on cash refuse their service
  • Request a receipt for their service.

The Council is able to fine householders that have not taken care to ensure that their waste is passed on to an authorised waste carrier. This will include any household that hires a company to take materials away from their house and the materials end up fly tipped.

Householders not taking reasonable measures to check operators are legitimate waste carriers can be fined an unlimited amount.