Waste Processing and Disposal

We are a partner in Project Integra - the long-term solution to household waste management in Hampshire.

The partners in Project Integra include all 11 local authorities and 2 unitary authorities in Hampshire, Hampshire County Council and Veolia Environmental Services.

Project Integra has won many awards and commendations for its work in the field of refuse and recycling. In 2000, it was awarded Beacon Council status for 'Working in Partnership'.

Project Integra operates:

  • 2 Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF) located in Portsmouth and Alton. This is where recyclable materials are sorted before they are sent to reprocessing sites.
  • 2 composting sites which process garden waste into Pro-Grow soil conditioner.
  • 8 transfer stations. The sites at Harewood and Otterbourne are used by Test Valley Borough Council.
  • 26 Household Waste Recycling Centres.
  • 3 Energy Recovery Incinerators located in Chineham, Portsmouth and Southampton.

If you require any further information or have any comments email Project Integra: integra@hants.gov.uk