Corporate Plan 2023-2027

About Test Valley and our communities

About Test Valley - Breaking down the make up of test valley into statistics.  Test Valley’s population 130,492 (2021 Census) Growing to an estimated 139,755 in 2027 a 7.1% increase. 54,708 household. Population breakdown, 20% under 18, 25% 18-39, 34% 40-64, and 21% 65 and older. Housing breakdown 38% detached homes, 27% Semi-detached homes, 22% terraced, 11% flats, 3% other. 59,400 job in Test Valley across a range of industries. More than 70 languages spoken across the borough. Four local nature reserves. 6000+ veterans living in the borough who have served in regular or reserved armed forces.

Andover – located in northern Test Valley, around two-fifths of the borough’s population live in Andover (40%)

Rural – just over a quarter of our population live in villages and other settlements right across the borough (27%)

Romsey – a historic market town in the south of the borough, around one-fifth of the borough’s population live in Romsey and its surrounding area (17%)

Chilworth, Nursling & Rownhams, North Baddesley and Valley Park – many people also live in these urban areas outside Romsey, in the south-east of the borough (16%)