Baddesley Close Meadow and Woodland

Conservation Aims

Of course one of the main conservation aims will be the long term preservation and enhancement of the protected purple moor grass habitat. Meadow and grassland habitat, including the purple moor grass will therefore be cut and collected every year to enhance the diversity and health of this habitat. The woodland will ultimately encroach on this habitat if left unmanaged, and encroaching trees will therefore be removed on rotation to prevent this. 

The woodland area consists mainly of silver birch and over-stood willow coppice. Coppicing is a traditional form of woodland management in which trees are cut at ground level, and allowed to regrow as multiple stems. This is not only useful for traditional crafts such as fence weaving, but also maintains the health and prolongs the life of the tree itself. Willow in particular requires coppicing on rotation to maintain its health and longevity, otherwise these trees are liable to fail. Coppicing will therefore be incorporated in the management of this site.