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Fishlake Meadows Comment Review - 2015


Public engagement was undertaken over a period of eight weeks from the 26 January to 14 March 2015.

134 people attended four guided walks into Fishlake Meadows hosted by Test Valley Borough Council. These were held on the 29, 30 and 31 January and 27 February.

Two static displays were set up at the Town Hall and former Magistrates building which is now home to Test Valley Borough Council Customer Services.

Over two Saturday morning’s TVBC staff were located in the town centre to take comments and ideas.

The TVBC website includes an aerial fly through video of the site which provides outstanding visual access into Fishlake Meadows and a copy of the Opportunities and Options for site management visual. An e-form and email address was set up for comment.


Only written responses received have been included in this summary. 52 written responses were received over the eight week period as follows:

8 Letters
25 Posted comment forms
19 Emails / website


A broad range of comments were received with the main themes summarised as follows:

Site set out management

1. Very important to protect the wildlife in the area.

2. That the area should be improved so it can act as a floodplain for Romsey.

3. The expertise of the I.O.W Wildlife Trust should assist when developing and managing the site.

4. Nice to see wildlife but not much use to the community without even a circular path. What was the point of Romsey Future where it was recommended by a large majority that the site should be developed for both a nature reserve and for leisure purposes?

5. The site should not be extended for Leisure use such as boating, fishing etc.

6. Fully endorse and support the development and management of Fishlake as a wildlife reserve.

7. The plan sounds very good. I hope they go ahead.

8. This is a wonderful opportunity to keep and enhance a very rare and rich natural habitat.

9. Keen to see the canal managed better as part of the Local Nature Reserve.

10. The co-operation that exists between all the agencies concerned is very pleasing.

11. The valuable wetland site for wildlife is being taken seriously and is being given the most importance.

12. The wetlands look very ugly and even with a few fancy looking boardwalks are hardly an environment to be cherished.

13. Believes Test Valley is only interested because of the bribe given by the speculator who now owns the land.

14. Why can’t Test Valley leave areas of wildlife without interference?

15. Your most important role is to manage the water levels, surely last winter taught us all that a large area of Romsey is at risk, all efforts should be made to reduce the risk of flooding in the future.

16. Is concerned that the ambience and tranquillity will be disturbed by the proposed development.

17. Fishlake should be given with the money allocated to the RSPB or a similar organisation that has the expertise to look after this very important site.

18. Can there be provision for fishing?

19. Should be developed for the whole community – Bird watchers, walkers and cyclists.

20. Improve bank maintenance of the canal leading down to the Plaza.

21. Would like to see how some income could be generated to maintain the site once complete

Access and parking

22. Additional parking needs to be looked at, possibly Belbins or World of Water.

23. Educational Resource.

24. The proposal to make the path way into a dual path and cycleway is not a good idea as the path is too narrow.

25. The pathways should be made of suitable materials.

26. Access from the A3057 along Footpath 9 should be maintained to allow all season access (specifically the western end).

27. Dogs should not be permitted on the pathways/boardwalks.

28. Circular Walk around Fishlake

29. The cycle path would be better to go through the new development at Oxlease to connect with the current barge canal.

30. The upgrade to the cycle path is an excellent proposal as it will provide a safe route to Romsey

31. More dog bins in areas where dogs are permitted.

32. The permissive path into the centre of the wetland where pond dipping platform and observation area is planned will be amazing.

33. Viewing screens at No 2 on the map would be good as it is close to the road which will mean easy access for those who are less mobile.

34. The concept of a safe route out into the countryside would be good.

35. It is good that it is to become more accessible.

36. Viewing screens and interpretation boards are very acceptable.

37. Objection made by one resident saying that one of the viewing is directly opposite the rear of his property and requests that the location be changed.

38. Would hope that the path ways along the canal would remain as an area where dogs could be let of the lead.

39. It’s already a nature reserve why spend money trying to improve access.

40. Would like to see the canal path improved.

41. Hopes there are plans to improve the footpath from the station behind the houses of Malmesbury House to link to the canal path.


42. Friends of group should be set up.

43. Would be a real feather for Romsey’s cap.

44. Consultation was not well publicised.

45. Set up an online recent sightings area and a downloadable or online eye-spy type sheet for both children and adults.

46. A bird hide accessed off Fishlake Meadows Road would be good and could be used by local schools.

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Management Plan Consultation
The draft management plan for Fishlake Meadows was published for public comment on 21 December 2015 with comments sought over a seven week period.

Contact us by email:

73 written comments were received. A summary of the comments made and a response is available by clicking here.

To see a full record of comments made please click here.

The draft Management Plan will be presented to Cabinet on 22 June 2016 and will be available to read and download on this page from 1 July 2016.