No Mow May

No Mow May

For the month of May, put the mower away!

Join the No Mow May movement and give your lawn a chance to thrive.

By letting your grass grow wild for just one month, you can help support biodiversity and create a haven for pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Pledge your very own pollinator haven and email us:


Urban Meadow creation

As part of our commitment to create a sustainable, environmentally-friendly borough, we have mapped out a number of green spaces and banks of urban meadows that will be allowed to grow wild as ‘pollinator rest stops’ throughout May and beyond. This year throughout the borough we will be setting aside the mower on over 30 hectares of open space.

Signs will be popping up across the borough to show where these green spaces are located. Key areas for residents to look out for are roundabouts, parks and nature reserves. For more information please visit our Urban Meadow Creation page


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Find out more about how to take part in No Mow May: Plantlife

Plantlife’s Guide to Liberating Your Lawn: Plantlife

ID what’s growing in your lawn download the plantnet app: Home - Pl@ntNet (


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