Commemorative Benches

Would you like to celebrate a loved one through a commemorative bench on an area of land belonging to Test Valley Borough Council?  A commemorative bench, with or without a plaque, in one of our cemeteries, parks or open spaces is a lovely way to celebrate a special occasion or remember a loved one in a place that is, or was, particularly important to them.

Please contact the Green Space Officer to agree the suitability of a location and bench style that you have in mind.

Any decision on your proposal will take into account the number of benches already on the site, the style of bench proposed in relation to its prospective surroundings, and the robustness of the proposed bench.

Please see the details that we will require in the Application Form.

If you decide to go ahead with a bench you will be required to pay the full cost of the bench and any plaque and £190 to cover the cost of installation on a concrete slab.

Test Valley Borough Council are not responsible for replacing vandalised, damaged or stolen seats / plaques, but will undertake repairs where possible.

For further information please contact the Green Space Officer

Tel:       01264 368000
Email:  Community&