Air Quality

Local Air Quality Management

Test Valley Borough Council carries out regular reviews of local air quality and monitors nitrogen dioxide at various sites around the borough. The main purpose of these reviews is to identify any areas where statutory Air Quality Standards might be exceeded. A series of air quality reports, prepared in accordance with the Council's obligations under Part IV of the Environment Act 1995, are available on this website.

Air pollution nuisance problems

The Council enforces various legal provisions to deal with certain types of air pollution. The powers available to the Council do not cover road traffic pollution but do cover most other types of air pollution which is either harmful to health or a nuisance. Typical problems include garden bonfire smoke, dark smoke emissions from industrial installations and dust emissions from construction sites.

Please see Nuisance Problems for details on the law of nuisances, how to make a complaint about an air pollution problem, and how we handle such complaints.

Sources of further information about air pollution

Links to a wide range information, policies and websites regarding air pollution and  nuisance are available in the downloads on this page.  If you would  like copies of any earlier reports, please contact the Environmental Protection Team (details below).

For daily information call the Air Quality Bulletin Service Freephone 0800 556677 or see

For further information please contact:

The Environmental Protection Team
Tel: 01264 368000