Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

The Pest Control Team carry out investigations and treatments on a variety of pests to both commercial and domestic premises.

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Pest control treatments will be subject to appropriate Covid precautions being taken in accordance with Government guidelines.  It will not be possible to offer a treatment in cases where anyone at the property is suffering from any Covid symptoms or is required to self-isolate

We offer pest control services to householders and commercial customers in relation to the treatment of rats and mice, wasps nests and various insect pests. Our charges for visits to assess and/or treat such pests are very competitive and are in some cases free of charge.

Telephone advice will also be given free of charge to domestic and commercial customers where appropriate; you will be called back as soon as possible by a Council pest control officer. However, specific advice on the use of commercial pest control products cannot be given.

We are unable to provide treatments for bees, pigeons, foxes, moles, squirrels, rabbits, bats or badgers.