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Council canteen ditches plastic

Test Valley Borough Council’s on site canteen has ditched all plastic cutlery in favour of wooden alternatives to help drive down the authority’s use of plastics.

The Beech Café at the council’s Andover headquarters is also using recycled takeaway boxes in its bid to be more environmentally friendly.

The restaurant’s manager, Kelly Fudge, said: “There is a growing trend and appetite for people to reduce their use of plastics and we are no exception. We are passionate about doing our bit for the environment, which is what prompted our decision to replace all of our plastic cutlery and polystyrene trays with wooden knives and forks and boxes made from recycled card.”

Leader of Test Valley Borough Council, Councillor Phil North, said: “Blue Planet II has really helped to bring the issue of the use of plastics to the fore. I have said for some time now that I am keen for the Council to choose sustainable options where possible and it is great that Kelly was more than happy for the restaurant to get behind this. It’s important that we practise what we preach as an authority in terms of recycling and caring for the environment, so this was a positive and vital step for us to take.”

As well as reducing its use of plastics, the council also continues to expand its electric vehicle fleet and install solar panels on its buildings where viable.