Recycling Stars

Recycling Stars is about increasing our recycling rate by encouraging everyone to waste less and recycle more. Our initiative has 5 aims:

  1. to increase awareness
  2. to increase participation
  3. to minimise waste
  4. to decrease contamination
  5. to increase our recycling rate

What's Happening?

Our current theme:  Recycling Stars is encouraging residents to Love Food Hate Waste!  

Food Waste Recycling star
Love Food Hate Waste!

Recycling Stars Supporters: If your organisation would like to join in with our initiative visit Recycling Stars Supporters.

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Find out more: For more information on waste and recycling with Test Valley, you can use the links on this page.



  • Recycle your cans, tins and plastic bottles!
  • Recycle your textiles!
  • Recycling Star Glass
  • Recycling Star Summer
  • Recycling Star with Garden Waste Wheeled Bin