Andover Car Parks

The Council operate a number of pay and display car parks in Andover, ranging from short stay parking of up to 30 minutes, to long-stay all-day parking.

There are 15 car parks in Andover with free parking after 4pm every day and parking is free in all car parks all day on Sundays. Overnight parking is FREE between the time the charging period ends at 4pm until 08:30am the following day. To assist drivers parking overnight, the pay and display ticket machines will issue tickets for the next charging day if a ticket is purchased after charging hours end. With effect from 31st January 2016, the Council is no longer responsible for the operation and management of the LIDL car park. LIDL have instructed a private operator to manage their car park from this time

Opening Hours:
Shepherd’s Spring Lane: open 24 hours (note: it is only a 5 minute walk for The Lights Theatre), and Chantry Centre: Monday to Saturday 7:00am to 10:00pm, Sundays and Bank Holidays 9:00am to 5:00pm. The Chantry Centre car park is locked outside of these hours. Times of access to all other car parks is unrestricted.

Coach Parking:
*Shepherds Spring Lane Coach Parking is by prior arrangement only as there is a locked height barrier in place. Please contact 07833 930655 to book. Coach Parking Tariff £3.50 for five hours, £7.00 all day.

Blue Badge Holders:
You may park for free all day in medium and long stay car parks, please display your Blue Badge with the expiry date face up. You can park free of charge for up to three hours in Short stay car parks, or in the marked bays in the High Street for up to two hours. Please display your time clock and display your Blue Badge with expiry date face up. You may not park in season ticket areas or shopmobility bays, unless displaying a valid season ticket or shopmobility permit.

Solo motorcycles can park for free in the designated motorcycle bays within our car parks. Motorcycles parked in the general use bays must pay to park.

Parking charges:
The following charges apply to the car parks listed below between 8:30am and 4:00pm daily except on Sundays and recognised public holidays. Please see below on 'How to Pay.'


Andover short to medium stay tariffs / car parks

Up to 30 mins Up to 45 mins Up to 1 hour Up to 2 hours Up to 3 hours Up to 4 hours Up to 5 hours All Day
50p 70p £1.00 £1.60 £2.00 £2.70 £3.40 £5.90
Car park no. on map Car park name: Additional parking facilities available
3 Black Swan Yard Short Stay (max 2 hours) Motorcycle Disabled
10 Town Mills Short Stay (max 2 hours) Motorcycle Disabled
8 Borden Gates Short Stay (max 2 hours) Motorcycle Disabled
9 Anton Mill Road Medium Stay (max 3 hours) Motorcycle Disabled
4 George Yard  Medium Stay (West side - max 1 hour, East side up to All Day) Motorcycle Disabled
11 Chantry Centre Medium Stay (Levels 1A and 2 - max 1 hour, Levels 2A and above  - up to All Day Motorcycle Disabled
15 Marlborough Street Medium Stay Motorcycle Disabled
6 South Street Medium Stay Motorcycle Disabled
13 Leisure Centre Medium Stay Motorcycle
14 AMC Medium Stay (Mon to Fri evenings 6pm to 8am & weekends only. Pay & Display on saturdays 8.30am to 4pm)  


Andover long stay tariffs / car parks

Up to 30 mins Up to 45 mins Up to 1 hour Up to 2 hours Up to 3 hours Up to 4 hours Up to 5 hours All Day
50p 70p £1.00 £1.60 £2.00 £2.40 £2.80 £4.40
Car park no. on map Car park name Additional parking facilities available
1 Shepherds Spring Lane Long Stay (special rate- 2 hour £1.10, 3 hour tariff £1.20) Disabled Coach Parking*
7 Winchester Road Long Stay Motorcycle
16 Anton Mill Road Long Stay  
2 The Acre Long Stay  


How to pay:

When parking at Chantry Centre, you can now pay by debit or credit card using our new Post Payment System- machines and details in the Lift Lobby, Level 1A Chantry Centre.

‘RingGo’ is a quick, easy to use mobile phone service, which lets you pay for your parking with a credit or debit card, rather than using cash at a machine. There is a small convenience fee for using this service. Please note: The RingGo service cannot be used to book advance parking sessions in Winchester Road and Anton Mill long stay car parks in Andover due to the high occupancy levels.

Pay by cash: All pay and display car park machines accept 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 coins. No change is given. All ticket machines are checked at the beginning of the day to ensure that they are working properly. Whenever money is inserted into a machine, the amount is registered in the display window and the coin/s should be inserted slowly so that sufficient time is allowed for the machine to calculate the amount paid and to release the ticket. The onus is on the customer to check the display before pressing the button for the release of a ticket. If the correct amount does not show in the display, the reject button should be pressed for the release of the coin/s and the process redone. Unfortunately there are a great many counterfeit £1 and £2 coins in circulation. Our ticket machines are fitted with coin validators and will reject any coins of imperfect weight, shape or size.

There is a telephone number on the tariff boards adjacent to the ticket machine that you can call for advice if you are experiencing problems paying.

Further information on our car parks is available from the Parking Office 01264 368730, or Email: