Next Local Plan: Refined Issues and Options Consultation 2020

Planning for the future of Test Valley



We all have an interest in the future of Test Valley. The next Local Plan will play an important role in managing change and helping to shape what the area looks like.

Local Plans are the starting point for making decisions on where and how development takes place. We are required by law to use policies in Local Plans as the starting point for determining planning applications.

Local Plans aren’t just about new homes and places to work but also the communities we live in, how we can look after the environment, and making sure we have the access to the facilities and services we need. Work on our next Local Plan is well underway, and you can see our thoughts and ideas via the Local Plan refined issues and options document, and supporting documents, attached to the right hand side of this page.  Then let us know what you think via the have your say comment form by August 28.

This consultation follows the initial issues and options stage held in 2018. You can find out details of our first public stage here.

After taking on board these comments over the past two years, we would now welcome your thoughts to help us prepare for the next Local Plan.


What are we asking about?

We have focused on four main themes, although they all relate to and influence each other. These are summarised below. If you think we have missed anything, then please let us know.

  1. Living in Test Valley – focuses on making sure we are planning for the right number and type of homes in the right places, including affordable housing and the needs of different groups within communities.
  2. Working in Test Valley – looks at our local economy, including our town centres and tourism. We have taken account of all the work that is underway looking at masterplans for the south of Romsey town centre and Andover town centre.
  3. Enjoying Test Valley – we know how important the local environment is to you, so this looks at how we can conserve this and how we can promote the development we need to be more environmentally-friendly.
  4. Community Facilities & Infrastructure – we need to ensure we have access to the right facilities, services and infrastructure, ranging from utilities such as water and broadband, to healthcare and education. Under this theme we also consider travel and transport, ensuring we can get to where we need to go.


How to get involved

It is really important that you let us know your thoughts at this stage. Take a look at our consultation document and other useful information via the links on the right hand side, and then contact us via the methods below.

Your comments help us understand what is important to you, so we can take this into account as we draft specific policies and proposals for the next Local Plan. You will have more opportunities to comment as the next Local Plan is progressed.

So please take a look - we are looking forward to hearing what you think.


All comments need to be returned to us by 4.30pm on Friday 28 August 2020 either via email or through the post using the 'have your say' comment form, to either of the details below.

Planning Policy and Economic Development Service

Test Valley Borough Council

Beech Hurst

Weyhill Road


SP10 3AJ


If you have any queries about the next Local Plan, you can give us a call on 01264 368000 or email us.