West Dean and West Tytherley Neighbourhood Plan

Designation of a Neighbourhood Area

West Tytherley, West Dean,  Frenchmoor and Buckholt

West Tytherley, Frenchmoor and Buckholt Parish Council in Test Valley and West Dean Parish Council in Wiltshire submitted a joint application for the designation of a Neighbourhood Area  to cover the whole of the amended parish boundary as a result of the boundary review in 2018.  This covers the parishes of West Tytherley, Frenchmoor, Buckholt and West Dean.

This was subject to public consultation which ran for six weeks from Thursday 13 February Friday 27 March 2020. The Council has considered the application and have approved the designation on 1 April 2020. There were no responses received during the consultation.

The designation of a Neighbourhood Area enables a Neighbourhood Plan to be prepared for the designated area.

If you have any questions please contact Neighbourhood Planning on 01264 368000 or by email to neighbourhoodplanning@testvalleygov.uk